How to choose a personal injury lawyer in New York

Finding the right personal injury lawyer in New York is a difficult task after an accident. You want to know if the lawyer has enough experience to handle your case, the charges for the case, and if the attorney will provide constant updates on the progress of the case. All these are fundamental questions to assist you in selecting the perfect personal injury lawyer in New York. 

It is recommended to meet your lawyer in person to have the experience of your injury lawyer. The face to face meeting with the attorney will give both you the best opportunity to get accurate answers to relevant questions. Some lawyers will meet you in the hospital after the accident to get to the root cause.

Which New York Personal Injury Law Firm Do We Recommend?

While there are many different personal injury firms to choose from in such a large city like New York, there’s one firm that due to it’s experience, resources, knowledge of the law and dedication to treating each one of their clients as though they’re the only ones, we have to recommend The Orlow Firm. If you’ve been injured in an accident or a victim of negligence, contact The Orlow Firm for a free case evaluation:

The Orlow Firm
71-18 Main St, Queens, NY 11367, United States
(646) 647-3398

Why do you need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Cases that involve personal injury are always challenging because accidents happen swiftly. Stress to recovery can hold you back due to increasing medical bills. Personal injury drains your finances because you cannot work. Therefore, you need a personal injury lawyer in New York to expedite your compensation claims. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting a personal injury lawyer in New York:

  • They can assist you in getting the medical attention you need.
  • They can speed up your injury claim.
  • They can keep your settlement claim on track.
  • The lawyers can increase the chances of receiving the compensation you deserve as the victim.
  • Personal injury lawyers from New York have excellent skills for negotiating.

Considerations for Choosing the Right New York Personal Injury Lawyer

There are various critical aspects of New York attorneys’ code of conduct that should be strictly considered before hiring the right lawyer. There is no right lawyer for every injury case or every client. Here are some of the things to consider you should look in an attorney to assist you with your legal problems:


Every experienced lawyer started as a new lawyer. While experience is not everything, most lawyers are talented and very bright and will have successful litigation careers. Any lawyer who has handled past accident cases can provide the best insight on how to proceed with your injury case.

Experience is always the best teacher. Lawyers learn from their mistakes, just like everyone else. Experienced attorneys are also expected to make mistakes; thus can avoid them. If you have a small injury case, any competent lawyer can handle it correctly. You should probably find an experienced lawyer if you have a severe personal injury case. 

Past Litigation results

It is an excellent idea to inquire about past results when talking to a lawyer you want. Having a clear understanding of the lawyer’s previous result may give significant indications about the skills of an attorney. The hints will tell you how the lawyer advocates for his or her clients in and out of the courtrooms.


Most lawyers are dedicated to their cases, hardworking, and brutally honest. Best lawyers need to be tough negotiators and aggressive advocates. These skills are developed to serve clients much better. 

A good reputation is what a good lawyer wants to maintain. They depend on clients for referrals to friends in need of attorneys; hence they don’t cheat esteemed clients. Best attorneys maintain a high level of integrity for clients to tell their friends. This is the kind of law firm you can trust with your injury case in New York. 


Good lawyers consider law as a means of getting justice to people who need assistance. Best lawyers always care for their clients. An attorney needs to ask lots of critical questions to gather quick vital facts about the case. Reasonable attorneys listen carefully to client’s answers and make it evident that they understand their concerns. The right lawyers always feel the pain of their clients.


Lawyers and clients always need to communicate with each other effectively. They should respect each other. Lawyers need to understand the objectives of their clients. The clients should also realize that an attorney will help them know if their goals can be achieved. Constant communication, respect, and perfect understanding are the rapport that you, as the client, should develop with the lawyer.

Free Case Evaluations

The majority of New York personal injury lawyers will provide a free initial consultation to new clients. You should take this advantage and interview many lawyers before deciding on the best lawyer to handle your case. Therefore, it is essential to quickly choose the right personal injury lawyer before losing critical pieces of evidence. Free initial sessions enable the lawyer and client to start evaluating the strength of an injury claim. 

After you have been involved in an accident, and the injury you have experienced is painfully sufficient. By asking relevant questions before choosing your preferred personal injury lawyer, you can be sure to select the best personal injury lawyer to fight for your claims.

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